Sunday, May 15, 2011

the Good and the Bad!

Lets start with the bad first!!! Well, we saved & had the sheep/steer barn built...a beautiful structure with 2 stalls (12x12 each). The barn was 90% done when our neighbour decided he did not like it. His house is some 400 ft away with a row of trees in between but he stopped construction. This is our fault, we read the bylaws as a structure only has to be 4 ft from the property line (this one is 32 feet) BUT apparently if it houses animals it has to be 105 ft from the property line! Because this building is almost complete & we had already paid instead of tearing it down we are making it into a shed (making it legal for the distance). Unfortunately we still have to build the animals shelter & this means lots of clearing in the forest & more the tune of approx $12,000 more ! The building permits are in the works & hopefully construction can begin again soon.
The new chicken coop is started also & should be complete by weeks end. Everything is falling into place again... ;)
Now some good news....while at work last week I came upon a baby Canada goose laying in a busy store parking lot in Toronto. He was unable to walk. I brought him home, named him "Star" & he gained strength & learned to swim in the bathtub . He was running all over the house with only a very slight limp. We have 3 families of Canada Geese in our pond & today one family of 4 babies & the parents were eating on the lawn....the babies were about Star's size so I put him out there & he ran over to them. The entire bunch then walked over to the pond & swam to the other side!!! I will miss him but am very happy he has a goose family now! A city goose becoming a country goose!


  1. Awww, boo that the plans for the sheep/steer barn were foiled, but whoo hoo that a baby goose was saved AND found the perfect family!! Great work!

    ( I found my way here through word of mouth from Janice at Hearts on Noses. )

  2. Aww, sweet story about Star! Glad that the other family welcomed him into the fold. Perhaps he'll stick around knowing that his second mom (you!) is near. Good job! :)

  3. What a GREAT story and HAPPY ending....He is so CUTE!