Tuesday, June 28, 2011

News, news & more news....

Lets see where do I start?? Back in May we had started construction on a new house for the calf's(steers) & sheep. Our neighbour decided he did not like it & put in a complaint. This started the ball rolling & has led to so much red tape it is unbelievable! Seems if a structure houses animals it has to be 105 ft off the property line (any other structure only has to be 4 ft off the property line). The one in question is 40 ft off. Since the house was almost built we decided to keep it as a shed (legal) & build another house further back. So now x2 building permits! Then we find out we are on "protected wet land" so we have to get permission from the conservation authority to build anything....another $500 in permits & it is approved. So, as of 2 days ago we have all the permits & construction has begun! What was going to be an $9000 job has turned into a $25,000 job! Thank you Mr Thompson...idiot !
Fortunately the chicken coop went up without any problems! The girls moved in & love the freedom to explore their little fenced area. Sad news..the other night while we were out something (probably a raccoon) killed one of the girls. We will be getting electric fencing on their perimeter to avoid this happening again. Poor baby R.I.P.
The sheep boys are in a temporary area until their house is complete. They are loving it too! We had them sheared & they are so handsome! What sweet boys they are! Penny (potbellied pig) has been moved from the barn into Katie's old area....she loves the sunshine! Penny came from a horse farm were she had been trampled & has no use of her front right leg. She was kept in a very dark, damp part of their barn. She now has fresh straw, good meals, sun & love!
The Shrine Circus is in the Toronto region. So much time has been spent protesting against the use of animals in their acts. They have x2 beautiful Asian elephants, Shelly & Marie. They were kidnapped from Asia as babies & have been performing ever since...they are now 36 & 46 yrs old. One day I hope to not have to protest this & circuses will not use animals!
Back to Snooters.....all the gang are doing great! Gracie has been feeling well enough to soak her arthritic leg in the mud hole every night! Sunny (also arthritic) walks about challenging Johnny & Roy through the fence...this means he is feeling good! We have had a lot of rain lately so the mud holes are nice & full for all to enjoy!
We have been included in a great event taking place on August 10th at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto....lots of vegan food, lectures, products, music....come on out & join us! I will post the event closer to the date.
Have a great summer everyone!!

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  1. awesome summary susan!! so much wonderful, beautiful stuff going on at snooters!!! <3