Friday, October 14, 2011

Exciting News in Toronto

There is some really exciting news here in the animal rights community! Mercy for Animals (USA) is starting up a Mercy for Animals Canada! This will mean big changes to the industries. People will get to see what goes on behind those closed doors in the factory farms & slaughterhouses. Nathan Runkle , the founder of Mercy for Animals USA has been in Toronto this past week meeting, greeting & planning with our own Joseph & Shannon (& their team). Twyla from CETFA will be heading up investigations! Nathan ,Shannon & Joseph came out to Snooters for a visit last weekend & it was such an honour to show him around & have him meet all our gang! Nathan also kindly did a mini talk about MFA to our volunteer group.

We had a very successful volunteer day last weekend with two U of T groups helping out in preparation for winter. So many chores done ! Thanks everyone!

We are about 1 week away from the steers (Norman & Ashli) & the sheep boys (Timmy & Tommy) going into their new has been a long road but we are so close now!

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