Monday, January 16, 2012

A Warm Welcome to 2012!!

Happy New Year everyone!
2011 was a year of ups & downs....emotionally, financially & otherwise. Friends made...friends lost. New animal family members & beloved ones gone (R.I.P. Riley & Jackie).
We are blessed to have wonderful friends, family & supporters who get you over these bumps in the road! We both have jobs & the bills get paid. Our health is good (of course we are vegans...LOL!)
Looking forward to a great 2012! We will be having a couple of public Volunteer Days & Open Houses (just waiting to book my holidays in order to pick some dates). I will post the dates here, on our web site & on our Facebook page when I know.
So far this winter we have enjoyed good weather....everyone has stayed safe & warm. Gearing up for this years animal rights activities.....Fur protest, Seal protest & the one close to my heart....the Shrine Circus Protest (all freaking summer long!) We look forward to the launch of Mercy for Animals Canada, 10,000 Tastes/10 billion Reasons event, "Rescue Me" event, Tarve & of course the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair! I am sure there are lots more on the horizon!
Thank you for your support of Snooters! Look forward to either meeting or reconnecting with you all in the new year! of Snowball the peacock, Ashli/Norman, Tommy & Flossy!

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