Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hens...

This is a difficult post to write....I have been putting it off long enough.
About 3 weeks ago I was writing how the hens enjoyed their first day in the sun. Over the next several days they were so excited to go out & peck around with their new found freedom.
On Wednesday almost 3 weeks ago I was home & let them out as usual. I went to check on them about 11am & they were pecking & scratching 50 feet or so away from the barn.
At 3pm I went over again & they were no where to be seen. I spend hours walking the property calling (they would usually come running to my stupid chicken call !) & looking for any sign (good or bad) of their whereabouts....nothing.
I did up signs/picture & put them in every mailbox within a km of here as well as in our local food store. I had a feeling I would look out & they would just be there again. Obviously my "feeling" was wrong. They have still not returned.

It is so strange they all disappeared together. The only thing I can think is they wandered into the forest (quite a walk for them) & got lost .Unfortunately there are predators in the forest too.
I feel so guilty we did not pen them up. I honestly thought (& was told) they would stay close to the barn on their own. These are our first chickens & my ignorance cost them their lives....I am so sorry girls. I hope you enjoyed your life free from a cage for the short time you had here. I so miss your songs in the morning , we loved having you here.
We hope to rescue more battery hens soon & will do things very differently.


  1. Oh Susan.....I'm so sorry to hear this, don't blame yourself. You gave them such a wonderful life, they would not have every experienced a loving home, sunshine and freedom.

  2. I bet they are all sitting on eggs some where close..

  3. I like to think they are nearby and loving their freedom.

  4. No, not one sign of them ;(

  5. We all make mistakes, including human parents, and you were brave enough to admit yours. I hope they come home safe. I know you do the best you can.