Saturday, April 24, 2010

a young animal advocate....

This past week I received an email from a girl about placing 4 chicks. I called the phone number & asked for her by name ( I will call her "A")....this young voice (12 yrs old) came on the phone & explained to me how her class had 4 chicks they had raised that were to be turned back over to the "producer" on Monday. She wanted them to live & was trying to find a forever home for them. I told her I would gladly take them & we would make arrangements this weekend to get them here....she was so excited (as was I !)
I came home from work yesterday to a phone message from this young girls mother."A" was too upset to talk. Apparently a mother of one of the classmates was the one who arranged the chicks to be in the classroom in the first place. They were to be returned to the producer after they had grown. The other mother got wind that they were trying to find a home at a sanctuary for the chicks & quickly got them back to the producer before we could arrange things! My God, we would have paid the few dollars the producer thinks they are worth to save them. What is wrong with people?? What a horrible example for her own child in the classroom!
Poor "A" was very upset (as was her Mother). What a thoughtful, compassion young lady "A" is. I told her she will make an awesome animal advocate/activist one day! She is going to join us at the Toronto Vegetarian Association parade in Toronto on June 5th & help me hand out "Snooters" pamphlets!
A failed rescue ;( but a found friend !

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