Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring & the hens!!!

Anyone who lives in southern Ontario knows we have had some amazingly warm temperatures for March & now April. Those of us who experience winter REALLY appreciate spring!!

The 4 hens we rescued last November lived their lives confined to a cage the size of a piece of computer fresh air, no sunshine, only knowing contempt from their caregivers."Stop laying eggs & off to the slaughter house"...
Well, these gals have blossomed!!! They went from being bald (from stress) to beautiful feathers....from being terrified of people to running for attention from any human who enters the barn. They sing their lovely "song" morning, noon & night to anyone who will listen.

Yesterday I opened the big barn door for the first time & they moved as a "pack" to investigate....looking up at the sun & blue sky ...then looking at me for a signal if it was okay to go out. I told them it was okay & off they went...pecking, scratching, spreading their wings in delight!
Enough to bring tears to your eyes. Anyone who says chickens are dumb , I say you have never met a chicken...they are very intuitive to all their surroundings.
The pictures above are them right out of the factory farm & then now, enjoying the life they should lead!
Thanks Christen for bringing them into our lives!


  1. brought tears to my eyes and they rolled down my cheeks....

  2. Bless their little souls, they must be thrilled.